Daily Share Buy-Back Notice

Apr 05, 2011
Part I
Name of Overseas Exchange where Company has Dual Listing Not Applicable
(A) Share Buy-Back Authority
I. Maximum number of shares authorised for purchase 34,522,009
(B) Details of Purchases Made
I. Purchases made by way of market acquisition Yes
    Singapore Exchange Overseas Exchange
1 Date of Purchases 05/04/2011  
2a Total number of shares purchased 230,000  
2b Number of shares cancelled    
2c Number of shares held as treasury shares 230,000  
3 Price paid per share    
3 Highest price per share S$ 0.18  
Lowest price per share S$ 0.18  
4 Total consideration (including stamp duties, clearing charges, etc) paid or payable for the shares S$ 41,531.80  
II. Purchases made by way of off market acquisition on equal access scheme? No
(C) Cumulative Purchases
  By way of market acquisition By way of off-market acquisition on equal access scheme Total
  No. %1 No. % No. %
Cumulative no. of shares purchased to-date2 230,000 0.07     230,000 0.07
1 Percentage of company's issued share capital as at the date of the share buy-back resolution
2 From the date on which the share buy-back mandate is obtained
(D) Number of issued shares after purchase
I. Number of issued shares after purchase 344990096
II. Number of treasury shares held after purchase 5410000
Other Notes
Footnotes The shares acquired are to be held as treasury shares by the Company.